The core competence of BTS International LLC comes from a blend of the many years of experience of the partners in Packaging combined with the extensive co-operative network formed over the years by the partners and associates. As careers develop, networks expand and critical experience is gained in a variety of assignments and projects, an understanding of the needs of global packaging clients is built. Through this process, BTS International LLC has acquired the experience, expertise, contacts, and understanding of both manufacturers and users of packaging and its related equipment.


For the Pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical, and Medical Device industries, we can provide everything from oversight guidance to complete turnkey design of your package. Services include initial package design, packaging material specification, Prototyping, evaluation and testing, and sourcing assistance.


Preparation, evaluation, modification, reviews and annual updating of Master Drug Files is provided from the standpoint of personnel with experience in dealing with drug manufacturers, suppliers, and the FDA. Specific attention is given to the rigorous and robust structure suitable for proprietary protection using industry norms and documentation suitable for support within the industry and acceptance by the FDA. Customized training programs for Drug Manufacturers and Suppliers are available.


Once package design and production quantities are established, the job of equipment selection becomes foremost. For many companies, especially those new or infrequent to packaging equipment selection, experienced engineers for this special skill set are not readily available. Here again, BTS International can assist. With the experience of specifying, selecting, procuring, and integrating hundreds of bottling, blister, pouching, and cartoning lines over the years, BTS can assist in total project management or help in specific areas like:

  • "wants/needs" evaluation
  • Equipment specification
  • Quote request writing
  • Formal quote evaluation and equipment assessment
  • Procurement guidance
  • Equipment construction progress management
  • Integration assistance

And for the existing packaging line that has not been successfully started upor one that is under performing, we can offer constructive analysis andsuggestions for Packaging Line Optimization.


Looking to begin producing Bingo Cards for Assisted living centers? Want to produce Unit Dose blisters for use in Robot dispensed facilities? Planning to set up a Repackaging Facility?

These are common needs for the Pharmacist, who while well trained in Pharmacology and government regulations, may not have the engineering and production packaging experience to ensure an operational and economically successful entry into these markets.

BTS International can assist and provide guidance and/or the equipment advice needed for success in your venture.

We would be happy to discuss your needs at any time to evaluate how we can help you meet the needs of your growing market.

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