In the US, Puerto Rico and Mexico BTS International LLC proudly represents Shawpak, the North American brand of UK-based Riverside Medical Packaging. Ltd. (Also known as Shawpak in Europe).

With nearly 40 years’ experience in designing, building and using form, fill, seal equipment, Shawpak manufactures a line of flexible and rigid blister thermoforming machines featuring a potentially game-changing concept: carousel design. A striking departure from linear, meters-long chain-pulled thermoformers, the SP Series performs all necessary functions via a rotating drum through its radial workstations. The SP Series is suitable for pharmaceutical, medical device and food applications, and can form both rigid and flexible/soft blisters.

Look for these features and revolutionary changes in their formers:

  • Make soft or rigid blisters on the same machine
  • Reduced footprint (entire machines fit in 1-2 cubic meters)
  • Lower cost to Buy and Operate
  • Operated on single phase current
  • No clip chains or wasted “trim”
  • No cooler needed
  • No vacuum pumps
  • Easily automated loading

Please visit their website for up to date information, specifications, downloadable brochures, .pdf’s and explanations of their systems.