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BTS International LLC proudly represents the firm of Pharma Engineering Ltd. throughout North America.

Pharma Engineering Ltd. is an innovative company, located in England, that brings a new solution to the world of recycling and reclamation of pharmaceutical blisters. Using a novel new approach to "De-Blistering", based on the use of very "high tack" tape, Pharma Engineering Ltd. has developed a high speed automatic unit called the "Stripfoil" that does not require additional format parts when changing blister size, product size, or card location.

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Since 2008, the Stripfoil deblistering system, which was designed to address the drawbacks of 30 year old 'press-out' and cavity cutting systems, has found many satisfied customers across Europe. The Stripfoil process offers a quality of recovered product far in excess of the previous generation of machines.


The inventive step which made this possible was the use of specially formulated Stripfoil Tape. This strips the lidding foil from the underside of the blister so that no aggressive pressure is required in recovering the product. The tablets fall from the pack by gravity ensuring that the process is gentle to the medication.

Please visit their website for up to date information, specifications, downloadable brochure, .pdf's, video and explanations of their systems offering:

High speed automatic unit


Extremely gentle handling


No additional format parts