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BTS International LLC is pleased to represent the packaging equipment lines offered by Pallaypack, Inc.

PallayPack, Inc., based in Montreal, provides sales and service support for European equipment manufactures specializing in the Pharma market including:

Pharma Packaging Systems
IWT Pharma Solutions

pallaypack equipment

Offerings range from laboratory and clinical trial solutions to production lines up to 400 units / minute. Equipment for parenteral lines and solid dose bottling lines are their specialty

Product Lines...

  • Tablet Counting and Packaging Lines
  • Vial, Ampoule, Syringe, Diagnostic Container Packaging Systems (washing to labeling)
  • Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer) and Lyo loading systems
  • Pharmaceutical Washers and Dryers for contact parts
  • Monodose FFS systems
  • Monoblock and DuoBlock, Inline fillers, cappers

Please visit their website for up to date technical information, photos, videos, specifications and descriptions of their system capabilities including:

  • Vial, syringe, and ampoule processing, filling, and packaging (ROTA)
  • Freeze Dryers (TOFFLON)
  • Pharma grace washers (IWT Pharma Solutions
  • Solid Dose bottling (Pharma Packaging Systems)
  • Capping (Reives)
  • Electronic tablet filling lines for 25-200 bottles. Min. (Pharma Packaging Systems)
  • Unit dose packaging (Sarong)