DIR Technologies Ltd.

BTS International LLC proudly represents the firm of DIR Technologies Ltd. throughout North America.

DIR Technologies is an innovative company that brings new solutions to the world of Pharmaceutical Product authentication, manufacturing and packaging process control. Based on advanced thermal imaging methods, DIR Technologies has developed a variety of non-contact applications, such as rigorous quality assurance techniques for the fabrication process and packaging of the pharmaceutical industry, using Thermography based solutions for package integrity.


In addition to the thermal imaging capabilities, DIR Technologies is specializing in Image Processing, Machine vision and real-time data processing. DIR Technologies is leading the way in the use of Thermal Imaging in the pharmaceutical industry for PAT applications and has filed several patents on the subject.

The company was established in 2009 and is jointly owned by major Israeli defense companies Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, LTD (www.rafael.co.il) and Elbit Systems (www.elbitsystems.com), and Israeli-American fund SCP Vitalife (www.scpvitalife.com).


DIR Technologies is a spin-off of SCD - SemiConductor Devices (www.scd.co.il), one of the largest manufacturers of advanced Infrared sensors worldwide. Most of DIR's management team and many of its employees worked in key positions at SCD for several years. They brought to DIR an accumulated experience and know-how in Infrared technology that provided the company a solid and unique technological basis.

Please visit their website for up to date information, specifications, downloadable brochures, .pdf's and explanations of their systems encompassing:

Verification Systems to detect failures in the induction cap sealing process of plastic bottles
Bottle content monitoring of opaque plastic bottles
Package integrity (Seal) monitoring
PAT Applications


100% testing, no production slowdown
Non-Contact, Non-Destructive, Non-Invasive

...and a host of special applications

For 100% verification "Image it"